Hi, I'm Stephan Swanepoel!

Third Place winner in the 2013 CorelDraw International Design competition, yours truly is a Graphic Artist - crafting living, breathing art with a whimsical edge; carefully nurtured and grown specially to the clients specific needs. Working and Specializing in the field of print and layout design; i have a deep love and respect for corporate identities and the development of unique contemporary logos... but i love illustration more - way more.

Animal Logic
Hazy Daze
Tammy - The Lion Tamarin
Oxygen Island
CorelDraw International Design Contest 2013 - Entry
KreativFlurry Rebranding
Animal Prints
Challenger - Back to Bellevue
Digital - Misc.
Film - Fan Art
Challenger - The World Is Too Much for Me - Fan Art
Concept Designs
Branding & Advertising
Music - Fan Art
Logo Design
Harry Potter - Fan Art
The Dark Tower - Fan Art
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